Believing that the quality of your life relies on the quality of your health, personal trainers at Z Club are dynamic and use combination of the following implements and techniques in the creating fitness regimes: small apparatus equipments, manual assistance, negative resistance exercise, and active recovery, which keeps you moving maximizing your caloric expenditure.

The Z club gym is fully equipped with the latest high tech fitness machines in the world, just to insure that Z members are updated in this field.


Famished from the fuel of you just burned, you decide to reward yourself with a healthy lunch but don’t have the slightest clue of what to eat. Never fear, Z Club’s gourmet restaurant to the rescue.

Z Club nutritionists advise it client strictly against dieting, Maintaining that it will only lead to unhealthy eating habits in future. Therefore dieticians say that the most effective route to peak health is sensible and healthy eating, concentrating on lots of fruits and vegetables and Z Club has adopted this healthful philosophy.


The project is being undertaken in collaboration with European wellness institute, a world-renowned providers of Spa and wellness consultancy.

Through Z Club’s uninterrupted path well being, you experience the gentle guidance of Z Club’s knowledgeable beauty professionals as they lead you to your smart, comfortable and complete private quarters to release your tensions. Practiced and perfected in the methods of massage from around the globe, the masseuses begin blending carious techniques from the region and far East Asia to provide you with pure tranquility and complete comfort.


The hairdressers are available at Z Club beauty Center from Z members to leave the Club with glamour after getting a new posh hairstyle from vogue or quick trim that happened to be a core service that Z Club provides.


If you have some extra time on your hands after a successful without, amidst looking and feeling your best when meeting a friend or fellow member, Z club lounges are the perfect atmosphere for completing your evening. You can opt to catch the latest sports match or watch your favorite musical group perform on the flat TV screens.

Business Center

Just to follow up with your business or to check your emails, Z Club has a business center for you to keep track your business without leaving the club.

Multipurpose courts

The indoor multipurpose court allows our members to play Volley ball, Basket ball, Soccer, Tennis and Badminton. The multipurpose court is also the place where members can enjoy the special events organized by the Z Club Events Team.


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